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Your benefits

Reduce noise
as the helical-worm gearmotor minimises noise pollution in the area surrounding your system thanks to its running smoothness.

Increase efficiency
because the gearmotor offers a high degree of efficiency thanks to its combination with a helical gear stage in the gear unit.

Helical-bevel gearmotors K..DR.. Right-angle gearmotors W..DR.
Low-noise continuous operation: gear unit combination optimised with respect to efficiency

Do you expect a drive solution to impress you with its high level of performance and efficiency? In that case, we would recommend our high-quality helical-worm gearmotors S..DR.. to you. These can be implemented individually in the modular system. In this way, they offer you an enormous range of sizes, gear ratios and motor sizes.

However, their greatest strength is their running smoothness and their extremely low noise development. One thing is certain – With the helical-worm gearmotors S..DR.. you are choosing a powerful drive solution which you will hardly even hear.

The overall concept also offers you many more practical product characteristics and benefits. These include the significantly higher efficiency of the helical-worm combinations as opposed to single helical-worm gear units. This is how you save additional energy in the operation of your systems and are able to noticeably reduce ongoing operating costs.

You will receive the low-noise helical-worm gearmotors S..DR.. - to suit your individual requirements - with a wide range of AC motors. In addition, you can freely configure all of the relevant properties. In this way, you can effectively make use of all the benefits offered by this combination of low-noise helical-worm gear unit and performance-optimised motor. Even greater variance can be achieved thanks to the optional flange or foot-mounted design and by choosing between solid and hollow shaft.

Save time and money

By opting for one of our gearmotors, you are already saving time and money with this selection and project planning. This is because our modular system enables a multitude of combination options for gear units and motors. You can therefore reduce operating costs, count on a long service life and benefit from simplified maintenance that is characteristic of our brand.

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  • Helical-worm combinations with significantly better efficiency than single helical-worm gear units
  • Very low-noise operation
  • Available variants:
    • Foot- or flange-mounted
    • B5 or B14 flange-mounted
    • Solid or hollow shaft
    • Hollow shaft with keyed connection, shrink disk, splined hollow shaft, or TorqLOC®
More on helical-worm gear units of series S
AC motors

Combine the helical-worm gear unit with our AC motors:

DR.. series
Helical-worm gearmotors of the series S
  • Drives in theater applications
  • Adjustment drives
  • Presses
  • Rotary tables
  • Corner transfer units